First Date

I am feeling a little shy.  A little unsure.  A little small in the big, scary internet world.  In fact, I am seriously rethinking this whole blog thing even though the only two things that I have successfully done are choose a theme and make an “About Me” page.  And you know what I am definitely NOT going to do?  Share the link to this blog or even tell anyone that I started it for at least a few weeks…months…years…ok that’s probably far fetched, but you get the picture?

This foray into dramatizing my life in such a fashion that would entice other people into taking time from their busy lives to read about it is making me think.  If anything, I am learning about myself.  It seems to me that there is something deep inside all of use that yearns for our life stories to be the “stuff of legends.”  That depth of feeling is what pushes us to dream bigger, believe for more, and to be intentional with what we have and who we have. Writing about these things makes it seem even more romantic, more intense, more….legendary.  And then I realized, no wonder people have been recording their life stories for ages and ages! No wonder we read them, talk about them, make movies about them, write songs about them, and even create our own fictional legends! We are addicted to being inspired and inspiring other to do bigger and better things than ever before. We want to leave a legacy.

The truth is that I have never thought about starting a blog before last night.  While struggling through a bout of night shift nurse related insomnia I turned to a book of legends to capture my interest.  God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon is an amazing compilation of stories about radical followers of Jesus and their ministries. I don’t know why, but there was something in me that was stirred up as I read…something that craved an outlet for sharing parts of me.  This was certainly a first time thought and feeling that left me slightly dumbfounded and newly curious about the part of my heart that wanted to take the remembrance of my own legend to the next level, even if only for my own enjoyment. Never one to sit on an idea for too long without deciding yes or no, I resolved right then and there at 2:30 AM to research blogging platforms the next day and give it a try, so here I am.

So far the date is going well…my heart is beating slightly faster than normal at the thought of hitting “Publish.” I am thinking of that time when my future husband took me on our first date and before we left I asked that we “define the relationship.”  I had to know….what are we to each other now?

Now it is time to DTR with this blog, and I think it’s safe to say that we are a thing.

Incidentally, so were my husband and I.  (Thank goodness!)