Life Catch Up

A couple major life events have taken place since I “started” (i.e. wrote one post, got scared, and subsequently ignored) this blog in August.  I really would love to write more consistently, so I thought that I might fill you in on a few things just for some context and a fresh start.

1.)  I am 21 weeks pregnant with our first baby!  Jonathan and I are more than thrilled.  We can’t get enough of this little life sprouting inside of me.  I tell Jonathan what the baby’s kicks have been like and how full my heart is and how many times I cried today and how I just can’t wait for the baby to be born.  He tells me how he can’t wait to just hold the baby in his own arms and how amazing it is that this baby will be unique, but also like us.  We talk about who he or she will look like, who they will act like, and what characteristics will be all their own.  We talk about introducing the baby to soccer, music, healthy food and Jesus.  We also talk about the things we feel a little unsure about.  Do I know how to be a mom/dad? How do I still be the best wife/husband? Can I handle sleeplessness gracefully? (Me)  Will there still be time to go to the gym? (Jonathan) What is life going to look like now? (Both of us) We are preparing to learn a new lesson in selflessness – the one the started when we got married and made it our mission to love each other no matter what.  This is just the next stage.  We don’t have the “loving each other unconditionally” thing down perfectly, but we get it well enough to band together to do the same thing for this child and our future children. AND we have Jesus who knows our hearts and helps us when we forget what our mission is.  AND we are not afraid.  I remember my mom saying when I first found out I was expecting that I can’t afford to waste time being afraid.  Even if she didn’t say these words, what I heard with my ears was “You are not allowed to be afraid.”  Not for the baby’s life, health, future, or of your own failures and weaknesses.  I love her for saying it in the “in your face” way that it needs to be said. I truly believe that choosing to battle this and win by choosing JOY and LIFE every day takes hefty spiritual ground in both my own heart and the tiny, strong, growing heart of our baby.

To leave you with a fun little baby story:  After a gin rummy game last week (which I cunningly won by “undercutting” Jonathan in the last round) it was deemed unfair (by the poor loser in the family) because baby was on my team and was obviously a genius.  This little one is already such a huge part of our lives and we think about him or her all the time.  We are obsessed.  We are in love.

2.)  We are buying a house!  It has definitely been one of the biggest learning processes of my life, but we are set to close on our first home on April 24.  We love the home itself and are most excited to be near our friends as we all start having babies and growing families together.  There have been many moments of frustration and irritation with Jonathan’s intense desire to know every little detail about every little thing.  There have been too many analyses, extrapolations, contingencies, and comparisons to count.  BUT, in the end I have to tell you that my husband is THE MAN.  His mind is a well oiled, number crunching, data eating machine and coupled with his heart that overflows with a desire to please and obey a good Father and care for his wife and baby to the best of his ability…he is my unstoppable, relentless champion.  To top it off he has been so patient with me as I learn along side him and react emotionally to EVERYTHING that happens. I love our differences because they make us the best team. Jonathan is faithful to remind me how important a role I play in this process and he values my input even when presented in a disjointed and tearful manner.  I take time to be thankful for Jonathan’s thoroughness and also nudge him and give him the eyebrow when he is going a little overboard into the realm of striving and forgetting who we trust and that there might be a few unknowns or a little mystery involved. In the end we enjoy the journey together and lean into how much we need each other and the Lord.

Other smallish things with our jobs…I was promoted to day shift at the hospital last fall and have been loving the new schedule and feeling much less like a zombie.  Also Jonathan was promoted to VP level at his bank a few weeks ago.

Things we are looking forward to:

1.  A visit home to Mercer in April for Easter and a baby shower hosted by our lovely moms and sisters.

2.  The birth of some amazing baby friends coming up this spring/summer! Our second niece is due beginning of June and our friends Mary and Patrick are expecting a little girl (their first baby too!) in the middle of May, and then of course our sweet thing is due July 28…just to name a few.  So many babies, so much love.

3. Moving! (Well, I’m excited and not excited at the same time.  Moving is hard.)

4. Sunshine/Summer/Being Outside

That’s all for now folks!  Be back soon.


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