Home Alone

Today I stayed home and did absolutely nothing. Jonathan is out of town for three days and I am not working so I really don’t have much of an agenda. When I am alone I am rarely ever bored.  Sometimes I read or nap or do chores.  But a lot of the time I just think. There are so many wormholes, loop holes, black holes, etc. in my brain and they provide hours of entertainment. I am trying to get better at writing down some of my thoughts so that when Jonathan comes home and says “So, what did you do today?” I actually have something to share. Turns out the only thing I actually physically did today was take a shower around 5:00 p.m. and then put the pajamas I had been wearing all day back on (with fresh undies of course…geez guys I’m not that gross). Oh and I kept myself fed and hydrated for the sake of Baby Breese.  

One of my thoughts was how different my life would be (mostly for the worse) if I did not live with Jonathan.  I have never really lived by myself because I went straight from living at home to being married so sometimes I wonder what my natural tendencies/preferences towards life would be if I wasn’t married. So I guess this list could be titled: “Things you realize about yourself while your husband is out of town.”  And here we go.

1. My tolerance for general mess and clutter is pretty high – especially when it is my own.

2. I leave dirty dishes in and around the sink for later.

3. My approach to food/eating is not always that great. It’s a cycle that looks like this…forget to eat until 1:00 or 2:00 p.m….realize that I am starving and must have something FAST so….I head to Moe’s for a burrito….I overeat….I burp up burrito for 5-6 hours….I wistfully stare at the healthy veggies and fruits in the fridge wishing I had made the right call earlier….I vow to do better tomorrow. (Incidentally this did not happen today…but has happened in the past more than once and I’m sure will happen again)

4. Leaving the apartment at least once per day is not a must for me.

5. I am happy with total silence.  No music. No TV. No radio or podcasts.

6. Jonathan is the social one in our family. But I am getting better at initiating contact with other humans AND enjoying it.

7. I would be ok with going to bed at 8:30-9:00 p.m. every night.

Nothing too revolutionary here. Still interesting to consider. Nighty night. (It’s past my bed time!)  


One thought on “Home Alone

  1. Sounds like a good day to me! Last night I spent 2 hrs. alone in the dark, thinking. I thought about Jesus in the wilderness, being tempted…in prayer. I went to pray beside Him. He did not see me. He was focused on His FatherGod. So must I be focused.

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