About Me

Things you need to know:

I’m a life long lover of Jesus.

I’m romanced forever and always by the best man I know, my husband Jonathan.

As I wrote in my journal just a few weeks ago, those are the absolutes in my life.  Those are the two thoughts that pervade my thinking each morning and fill my heart.  These two loves drive me to serve, they steer me towards joyfulness in every circumstance, they encourage me to push myself beyond my limits into a faith that expects the impossible.  They are my “You can do this!”  They are my “You are loved!”  What the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart saying “You are unique and have a special purpose that is only yours,” is echoed and confirmed by my husband in the natural. I have provided you with context for the thoughts that will be shared here.  Normal details that people generally include on an “About Me” page will have to be unearthed as my life stories unfold here in front of you.  Isn’t is so much more intriguing that way? I hope that you leave more joyful than when you came. I hope a little piece of you is inspired to love more extravagantly and live more fully.  My greatest hope is that your hearts would burn with passion for the Lord and for seeing Heaven made manifest on earth. I think it is possible to make mundane things in life epic and much of what you will see here on the blog will seem just that, mundane.  Still, it is all part of my quest to be excellent where I am at, to grow in relationship with a good Father, to love my husband/family/friends well, and wholly to engage myself in the adventure that is set before me. Enjoy the little things…it could be that they are actually the big things!


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